Q. Do you provide counseling?
No, we do not provide any on-site counseling services. We are a 12 step based sober/transitional living home and in general try to adapt our home to the guidelines of the 12 steps of NA/AA and other like organizations. We will however give our guests referrals if needed.

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Recovery Zone I
16456 Parthenia Street
North Hills, California 91343

Ike Eichar
Contact Person
Phone: (818) 894-8617
Mobile: (818) 522-5478

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  1. Do you provide counseling?
    No, we are a family, not a treatment center. We do not provide any counseling services. We are a 12 step based sober/transitional living home. In general try to adapt our home to the guidelines of the 12 steps of NA/AA and other like organizations. We will, however, give our guests referrals if needed.
  2. Will I be able to work?
    Gainful employment is a very important part of normal life. At some point during your stay with us you will be expected to find a job. We do actively try to assist our family member by providing job leads to them. We also have a state of the art networked computer system that you are able to use freely to do job searches and hook up with the State of California employment development department and other internet job search sites. This is of course all free of charge and included in our family expenses.
  3. Do you offer recreational activities?
    We often have sober family parties and get togethers (barbecues) in which we are able to have a lot of fun. See pictures. Our homes are equipped with weights and exercise equipment as well. The 12 step programs have many recreational activities that you can participate in at any given time.
  4. How long will I stay at the Recovery Zone?
    Every individual is different and each has different needs. We are in no hurry to put you out. Our goal is to help you become drug free and stay that way. It is our wish to only rehabilitate you once. For that reason, we prefer not to rush the job. It is always more cost and time efficient to do the job once, the right way. We do not wish to have you repeat the process again and again.
  5. What if I relapse?
    We don't want you to even think about that possibility. If you relapse, you will be reassessed. A determination by the Recovery Zone Council Members will be made to decide if the Recovery Zone is still appropriate for you, or if you must be referred elsewhere.
  6. Can I take medications?(pain meds, psychiatrics meds...)
    In 99% of the circumstances, we do allow our guests to take prescription medications, including psychiatric medicines. We do not allow medications that contain opiates, amphetamines or benzodiazepines (bzd's). Please specifically talk to Ike, should you have any questions about this or any medications.
  7. Do you have gender specific needs?
    There are specialized sober living homes for transexuals. Call Patrick or Sandra at (323) 466-7916 or (323) 463-4266 for more information.
  8. I have a court case or was referred to a sober living by my parole/probation office, can you handle this?
    The Recovery Zone has a long history of working with parole/probation officers, judges and courts. If needed, we will accompany our family members to court and/or send in the "monthly" progress reports. We have an active contract with Walden House systems to name a few and work closely with Tarzana Treatment Center, Impact House and Cri-Help, Inc., both in-patient and out-patient programs.
  9. Do you need or require a "highly structured" sober living?
    We have a curfew and have weekly house meetings and responsibilities and rules that all our family members must adhere to at all times. In order to ensure the safety of all our family members, we have a 24 hour on-site house manager with multiple years of recovery behind him and her. Please ask and we will provide you with our printed house schedule.

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