Q. Do you provide counseling?
No, we do not provide any on-site counseling services. We are a 12 step based sober/transitional living home and in general try to adapt our home to the guidelines of the 12 steps of NA/AA and other like organizations. We will however give our guests referrals if needed.

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Recovery Zone I
16456 Parthenia Street
North Hills, California 91343

Ike Eichar
Contact Person
Phone: (818) 894-8617
Mobile: (818) 522-5478

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Recovery Zone History
by Ike Eichar

Claude 'Ike' Eichar, Program Director
16456 Parthenia Street, North Hills, CA 91343
818 894 8617

Hello, my name is Ike:

I am your your Personal Assistant and host should you decide to come to the Recovery Zone. Since you are now trying to decide what the best a venue for your recovery might help. I think a little information about myself and the Recovery Zone might help. First I want you to know that I am also an addict in recovery. I used drugs for 26 years, and spent 17 years behind the state's revolving doors because of it. In 1992, I decided to try and get my life together, I could never seem to quit on my own and treatment seemed only a temporary cure. It lasted as long as I was in treatment. I had heard about 12 step programs (AA, NA, CA) and I decided to give it a try. The biggest problem I faced was trying to find a safe place to stay while I built a foundation for my recovery. I found that it worked to be in a safe place along with some structure and peer support in a Sober Living Home. The idea that being an addict helping another addict to stay clean has no parallel. Between the 12 step meetings, an out patient treatment program, and managing a sober living to build a foundation, has kept me drug free since July 17, 1992.

I started the Recovery Zone in 1999 as a family style, because I wanted to reach out to my fellow addicts/alcoholics who want to change their lives. In the effort to help recovering addicts to help themselves, I set up the Recovery Zone so that all they needed to bring is a desire to stop using and a willingness to follow some simple structure.

The Recovery Zone is an approved member of the San Fernando Valley Sober Living Coalition and the Los Angeles Sober Living Network. We work with the courts, probation, and parole. The Zone is contracted with Walden House for SASCA clients, who have completed a SAP program in prison, and SATCU clients being released from County Jail. Additionally, we work with Prop 36 people and outpatient treatment centers like Tarzana, Cri Help, and High Roads.

The purpose of sober living is to make you a member of a drug and alcohol-free family with clean, inexpensive housing so recovering addicts will have a safe, drug free place to live while they save money, so they may transit back to society. More importantly, sober living provides peer support to those in recovery. While you are at the Zone, you will learn to take steps that have enabled recovery from the disease of addiction/alcoholism in its many forms. You will be expected to attend 12-step meetings, in and outside the Recovery Zone. You will need to find (with our help) a 12-step sponsor who will help guide you through the 12 steps. You will have a daily chore to perform. You will be expected to follow all of the Recovery Zone Rules. You will be expected to participate in weekly Council meetings. You may have to attend outpatient treatment at one of the many treatment centers we work with (Prop 36 and Walden House must attend outpatient treatment). You will also be given random drug tests. If you are able to work, you will be expected to find a job and remain employed while you are here (we can help you find a job). You will maintain an 11pm curfew for the first 30 days. After that, late night or overnight passes will be granted at Council discretion.

So if you decide to come to the Recovery Zone, your share of the family expenses entitles you to 3 meals a day (the food is provided, you make breakfast and lunch while dinner is usually prepared by one or more guests in a family dinner atmosphere). Your toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors and shampoo) are provided. Your bed and bedding (sheets, pillow cases, and towel) are provided for your use as long as you are here. We have online digital cable TV (250 channels) and every room has its own color TV. We have online computers that can be used for resume writing, job searches, or just surfing the net (if you do not know how someone will show you). For those of you who like to workout, we have a professional style gym complete with Smith machines, 600 pounds of Olympic weights, dumb bells, arm bars, and cardio machines.

The house located on Parthenia is part of nice quite neighborhood. We have a great relationship with our neighbors. The house itself is one of the largest homes on the block (2800 square feet). The rooms are spacious and the house feels like a home. There are pictures on the walls, plants on the tables and all the rooms are nicely decorated. We accept your hard earned money, SSI, SSD, Workers Comp, or Unemployment insurance. We do not accept General Relief; however we will help find you a job. We do have two-man rooms available if you are interested in more privacy, but that will increase your family expenses by 10 dollars a week.

Please keep in mind that we are not a flophouse. We are not a home for arsonist or pedophiles. We are here for addicts/alcoholics who are serious about their recovery. If after reviewing this website and reading the house rules (next page) you would still like to give us a try, ask your councilor and she/he can make the necessary arrangements. Also please feel free to call me directly at 818 894-8617 if you have any further questions.


Claude 'Ike' Eichar, Program Director

P.S. While we do allow medicine including psych-meds, we do not allow any medicine containing BZD's, opiates, or amphetamines. If you are uncertain about your meds, ask us. If you have any additional questions, or wish to be contacted directly, please click here.